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The fusion of fine art and the captivating realm of Acid House, has yielded a classic that emanates boundless creativity and mesmerizing energy. Crafted by the brilliant artist Third Bloom, this exceptional print has not only become a visual feast for the eyes but has also immortalized the essence of Acid House in a tangible form.

This is the full cover of Steve Mac's iconic album 'Bless This Acid House’. An artistic triumph that stands as a testament to the genre's influential impact on both music and culture. Created using a meticulous process, Third Bloom skillfully employed a hand-made collage technique on a sturdy wooden board. Layers of old club magazine and gig posters, along with carefully selected prints of vintage newspaper clippings, were ingeniously combined to form a captivating narrative within the artwork.

The print is created by specialist Giclée printing on gallery-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper. It's the finest print quality you can find, made by industry leading printers with decades of experience using the latest software.

'Bless This Acid House (album cover)' is available in two sizes - 31.43cm x 31.43cm (LP cover size) and 40cm x 40cm.
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Type: Fine Art Print

Sku: JSA002-A

Bless This Acid House (album cover) - 40cm x 40cm Fine Art Print (LP cover size)