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‘Mala' is a fine art print from Scott Booth's 'Atavistic Landscapes’ collection.

The print is made by specialist Giclée printing on gallery-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper. It is the finest print quality you can find, using the latest software and industry leading printers with decades of experience.

‘Mala’, a riveting depiction of the Jurassic Coast in Cornwall, UK, plunges viewers into a dance of primal forces as evening descends. Captured from above, the aerial perspective reveals a canvas bisected by the relentless surge of icy waves, forming a dagger-like streak against the coast's black, jagged stones. This stark meeting of elements offers a composition rich in balance and tension. The ethereal golden glow from the setting sun imparts a haunting beauty to this otherwise moody tableau, as it lightly touches the scattered rocks and coastal cliffs. Beneath the frothy water's surface, smooth stones rise, their surreal, near-humanlike craftsmanship suggestive of the coastline's storied past, teeming with ancient fossils. ‘Mala' is a striking contrast of the cold, icy depths against the comforting warmth of a setting sun, an invitation to ponder the timeless dance between our world's enduring geology and the relentless ebb and flow of the sea.

’Mala' is available in two sizes - 31.43cm x 31.43cm (LP cover size) and 40cm x 40cm.
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Type: Fine Art Print

Sku: JSA011-A

Mala - 40cm x 40cm Fine Art Print