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'Mono' is a fine art print from Scott Booth's 'Atavistic Landscapes’ collection.

The print is made by specialist Giclée printing on gallery-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper. It is the finest print quality you can find, using the latest software and industry leading printers with decades of experience.

'Mono', set in the majestic Loch Lunnhie in Scotland, is a mesmerizing exploration of the intricate dance between the known and the unknown. The composition creates a riveting contrast between the shallow algae-covered coastline and the ominous, deep azure depths of the loch. A single, powerful crest of a wave slices diagonally across the canvas, providing a striking visual divide between the two realms. The dominant tones of subtle green and blue evoke emotions of grandeur and unexplored possibility, yet simultaneously hint at a disquieting presence lurking beneath the surface. The tidal ebb and flow animate the rich tapestry of algae and stone-dead corals, manifesting as a continual evolution of nature’s artistry. 'Mono' captures the viewer’s imagination, presenting a vivid and dynamic portrayal of nature’s power, beauty, and mystery.

‘Mono' is available in two sizes - 31.43cm x 31.43cm (LP cover size) and 40cm x 40cm.
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Type: Fine Art Print

Sku: JSA010-A

Mono - 40cm x 40cm Fine Art Print