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'The End' is a fine art print from Scott Booth's 'Atavistic Landscapes’ collection.

The print is made by specialist Giclée printing on gallery-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper. It is the finest print quality you can find, using the latest software and industry leading printers with decades of experience.

'The End’, a riveting finale to the 'Atavistic Landscapes' collection, captures an epic clash of elements off the coast of Dorset, UK. Centered around obscure, tooth-like rocky formations emerging from the sea, this piece orchestrates a dramatic scene of impending destruction, where earth and sea are torn asunder by unfathomable forces. Drenched in deep blue hues, the canvas conjures a sense of profound inevitability and transcendence, as the tumultuous ocean appears to both birth and devour its own reality. It presents a poignant juxtaposition of the eternal and the ephemeral, inviting viewers into a contemplative state, threading together past, present, and future. 'The End' is not merely a climax but also a question - a powerful, abstracted landscape that compels us to contemplate the cyclical dance of beginnings and endings, the hidden and the seen, and the very essence of existence.

'The End' is available in two sizes - 31.43cm x 31.43cm (LP cover size) and 40cm x 40cm.
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Type: Fine Art Print

Sku: JSA014-A

The End - 40cm x 40cm Fine Art Print