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'Vaulted Sky' is a fine art print from Scott Booth's 'Atavistic Landscapes’ collection.

The print is made by specialist Giclée printing on gallery-quality Hahnemühle fine art paper. It is the finest print quality you can find, using the latest software and industry leading printers with decades of experience.

'Vaulted Sky', a striking piece from the heart of Dorset, UK, employs a revered coastal landmark as a cosmic conduit, a portal through time and space. This celestial vista curiously bends the ocean horizon inwards, as if trying to touch the heavens, yielding a coastal texture akin to an astronomical tsunami. The composition subtly distorts reality, making the canvas seem like a sci-fi tableau, with time and space surreally contorted. The focal point is an incredible rock formation, digitally manipulated to serve as a panoramic eye peering beyond our dimension. Rich, vibrant hues of blue and gold elevate the piece, bathing it in an ethereal glow. Intricately stitched together perspectives add depth, as a serene pool on one side of the rock juxtaposes the full might of the ocean crashing against its other side. 'Vaulted Sky' invites the viewer to journey through this dynamic landscape, transporting them to an otherworldly coastal cosmos.

'Vaulted Sky' is available in two sizes - 31.43cm x 31.43cm (LP cover size) and 40cm x 40cm.
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Type: Fine Art Print

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Vaulted Sky - 40cm x 40cm Fine Art Print